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#1 Grammar Best Seller—Five Times!

Pretty cool!!! #1 Grammar Best Seller on Amazon five times! “This updated and expanded book is a must-have desktop reference for writers and others who wish to produce a grammar-perfect final draft.” Elements of Style…
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Writers Beware — “Dear Sirs” Will Bring a Rejection Slip!

Opening your submission cover letter with “Dear Sirs” will bring an instant rejection slip from this Irish independent publisher. Tramp Press announced today that it is closing the door to writers who open their cover…
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Up to #3 on Amazon’s Bestseller List

Ooohh, look! My remix of Elements of Style (Classic Edition) has climbed to #2,724 in books (paperbacks, not just e-books) and #3 on the Grammar bestseller list! Thanks to the college professors recommending my version…
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