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Some write as a hobby, others write for therapy or a career boost, and some have an unquenchable passion for it in their blood--they are always writing, day and night, at the keyboard, in their heads. It's their life's purpose, and they can't imagine doing anything else. They might be more successful doing other things, but they want to write. I get that. I've been drawn to it since I was a kid, and I will keep writing until my final breath.

My Background

I love writing--letting my imagination run free to create alternate realities where anything is possible, populating those worlds with fascinating characters, and getting lost in them. Writing is my creative outlet, my escape, but it's much more than that. It has always been a way to prove, at least to myself, that I can accomplish something worthwhile. And I've had the good fortune throughout most of my life that I've managed to pay my bills from freelance writing.

If you are an aspiring author, writing can be your bread and butter too, if you invest the time and effort to learn how to write well and you are able to create interesting stories your readers enjoy. If you have set your heart on that goal, you may find some useful advice and inspiration in my blog to help you move forward.

I began writing as a kid. I sold my first article to a national magazine at age 14, and I signed a multi-book contract with a brick-and-mortar publisher at 18. There weren't any other options back then but to do it the hard way. Amazon and its wonderfully convenient self-publishing platform was years off in the future. Since then, I have written and published 25 books, including a 2018 English grammar bestseller, two bestsellers in the self-help genre (early in my career), and three novels under pseudonyms.

During a five-year stint as a journalist, I wrote more than 600 news and feature stories published under my byline. I taught journalism and creative writing at Los Angeles Valley College and Learning Tree University in Southern California, and I went on to create and teach a dozen writing courses for Virtual University.

Today, I work and live online, but in the "real world," I live on the scenic California Central Coast. My leisure interests include writing, programming, reading, anything paranormal, numerology, ancient religions, reading and writing science fiction, and pondering the possibility of life on other worlds.

Beyond writing, I am an editor with 30 years of experience in books, magazines, newspapers, and the Web. I was a bylined editorial staff member for the late multi-bestselling author Irving Wallace, and I have held senior editor and managing editor positions at publishing houses. Last year, several of my clients nicknamed me "Jedi Editor," which was flattering, and I do my best to live up to that reputation. My recent editing projects include "Apocalypse Orphan" by Tim Allen, an Amazon Bestseller in 2016, and "Eden's Serum," an award-winning sci- fi/fantasy novel by Angelique Anderson.

I offer professional editing, proofreading, and book formatting services to my clients. I am happy to share many years of experience to help promising new writers break into print and to help my clients become the truly successful writers that they aspire to be. To learn more about the services I offer, please browse this link, and you can sample a few of my favorite editing projects recently.

My Books

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This updated and expanded book is a 'must-have' desktop reference for writers and others who must produce a grammar-perfect final draft.

Elements of Style 2017 presents a collection of modern grammar, style, and punctuation rules to help you write well, self-edit efficiently, and produce a grammar-perfect final draft. It is suitable for writers, editors, proofreaders, college students, and employees in the workplace. In fact, if you write anything at all, you should have a copy of this writer’s style guide on your desk. It has been recognized as a modern, go-to writing handbook and is now a required textbook in some college courses at University of San Francisco, University of Minnesota, California State University at Fullerton, and University of Texas at San Antonio, among others.

This book is a major update to Strunk’s original Elements of Style, written 100 years ago. It was inspired by Strunk's grammar classic, follows the same point- by-point format, and presents grammar and style rules in a concise, easy-to-understand manner. The book includes many of Strunk's rules from his original edition, but omits rules considered out- of-date today. Elements of Style 2017 expands Strunk's book from 38 pages to 270, and presents a collection of 500+ grammar and style rules for modern writers, editors, college students, and others who are called upon to write a grammar-perfect final draft.

NOTE: If you are ordering for a college course, you may instead be looking for Strunk's Elements of Style: Classic Edition, which contains the full text of Strunk's original work, plus editor's flagging obsolete grammar rules, additional grammar tips for modern writers, and a Study Guide. Or, if you are searching for The Elements of Style (4th Edition) edited by E.B. White, follow this link.

In Elements of Style 2017, bestselling author and editor Richard De A'Morelli distills his 30+ years of experience as a senior editor and explains everything you need to know about grammar, style, and punctuation. Written in plain English, this book takes the headache out of great writing—and unlike most grammar books, it includes easy-to- follow examples. Read any chapter, follow the practical advice, and you will see an overnight improvement in your writing. Read a chapter a day, and in just two weeks, you will be amazed by the polished quality of your final draft.

Clear, concise writing is essential today. For an author, a well-edited manuscript may bring an acceptance letter from a publisher or agent. If you self- publish, it could generate positive reviews and sales. For students, an impressed instructor could mean an A grade; and in the workplace, a well-written report could mean a pay raise, a promotion, or the success of a business venture.

--Writers of all skill levels will discover quick and easy ways to recognize and fix grammar, style, and punctuation errors in their manuscripts.

--Students can use these rules to edit and polish book reports, essays, and other homework.

--Teachers can use this handbook to help students learn grammar and punctuation rules without the tears.

--Employees can follow these simple guidelines in the workplace to produce well-written reports, brochures, and other materials.

--Learn how to improve your grammar, style and punctuation, and polish your writing to perfection with Elements of Style 2017.

This modern edition contains the original version of William Strunk's classic grammar handbook, plus a variety of enhancements. It is now used as a textbook in classes at University of Minnesota, University of Texas, UC Berkeley, and elsewhere.

Generations of college students and writers have learned the basics of English grammar from this short book. It was rated "one of the 100 most influential books written in English" by Time in 2011, and iconic author Stephen King recommended it as a grammar primer that all aspiring writers should read.

Written a century ago, Strunk's book is a nostalgic link to the Art Deco era and the Roaring Twenties. Many of the grammar rules listed in his book still apply today; but the English language has changed over the years, and some of these rules have are now obsolete. This updated Classic Edition addresses these changes with the following enhancements and additional content:

1. This 2018 edition adds two new chapters requested by college professors and students: Basic Rules of Capitalization and Style Rules for Better Writing.

2. Editor's notes have been inserted throughout the book to flag grammar rules that are become obsolete and to provide up-to-date advice for students and writers.

3. Emojis have been added to help readers identify correct examples from errors at a glance.

4. A Study Guide is included in the last chapter, and the paperback version includes blank, lined pages in the back of the book for note taking.

5. The e-book version has been restyled for improved display on the latest generations of digital book-reading devices.

This handbook gives students and writers a blueprint that they can follow to write clearly and effectively while learning the fundamental rules of English Grammar.

NOTE: Some courses may specify other versions of this book, such as Elements of Style, Fourth Edition by E.B. White, or Elements of Style 2017, which builds on Strunk's work and offers 500+ up-to-date grammar and style rules for students and writers. If your course requires one of these versions, use these links to obtain the correct book.

If you are reading The Elements of Style for an academic course or to improve your writing, this companion workbook can help you to memorize and self-test your knowledge of English grammar rules.

The Elements of Style: Grammar Workbook is designed for readers of the three most popular versions of William Strunk's classic grammar textbook, The Elements of Style. It can be used by readers of Strunk's original work, now in the public domain; the "Strunk and White" editions by E.B. White; and The Elements of Style: Classic Edition 2018. Readers of other grammar textbooks as well as ESL/EFL learners also may find this workbook useful for mastering the core rules of English grammar.

Learning grammar may seem like a boring task, but it is a must for students who wish to do well in their courses and for writers who want to improve their grammar and style. This comprehensive workbook presents a series of 27 quizzes with 626 questions, multiple-choice answers, and a convenient scoring key. Some quizzes drill on grammar rules covered in all versions of The Elements of Style, and others are keyed to a specific edition.

To derive maximum benefit from this workbook, it is suggested that you complete a few quizzes each day. Take note of your correct and incorrect answers to reinforce the underlying grammar rules. Be sure that you have a firm grasp of each rule before going on to the next quiz. You will know that you are ready to proceed when you have answered all the questions on a quiz correctly.

Used in classrooms across America and around the world, The Elements of Style has helped generations of students and writers learn to write grammatically correct prose. Whether you are taking a course for which Strunk's book is required reading, or you are a writer looking to polish your style, this workbook can help you to learn English grammar rules and use that knowledge to make all your writing exemplary.

This essential handbook for writers and students presents a well-organized collection of English punctuation rules and simple examples that will help you write with impact and style.

Punctuation is more important than you might think. It allows your words to tell their story. These small but crucial marks in your sentences are like road signs; without them, readers can get lost in a confusing jumble of words. Learning basic rules of punctuation is a must if you want to write well. Fortunately, the rules are easy to learn, and you will find many helpful shortcuts in this new book.

The author, a distinguished editor with thirty years of experience, offers bite-size tutorials and simple advice on how to use commas, parentheses, dashes, and other punctuation marks in all kinds of writing, both fiction and nonfiction. In addition to learning easy rules to help you correctly punctuate whatever you write, you will discover that these rules are not set in stone—you can rearrange your sentences and use punctuation creatively to make your writing more concise and interesting.

Quick & Easy English Punctuation is aimed at these readers who may benefit from this useful guide:

✔ Writers of all skill levels will learn how to recognize and fix punctuation errors in their manuscripts, and how punctuation can be used creatively to add clarity and sparkle to their sentences.

✔ Students can use these rules to correctly punctuate term papers and other academic writing.

✔ Teachers can use this book to help students quickly grasp basic concepts of English punctuation.

✔ ESL/EFL learners will benefit from the many short, easy-to-understand examples featured in the book.

✔ Employees can follow these rules to create punctuation-perfect reports, manuals, and other documents in the workplace.

Read any chapter of this book, follow the simple rules, and you will see a fast improvement in the quality of your writing. Read a chapter a day, and in two weeks, you should have a solid understanding of punctuation and be able to add a touch of style and polish to everything you write.

This handy desktop reference expands on the author’s bestselling writing guide, Elements of Style 2017. It includes material drawn from that book but delves deeper into punctuation, providing more examples and an additional eighty pages of content. Once you have mastered the concepts in this book, you may wish to read Elements of Style 2017, which offers a comprehensive primer on English grammar, available in Kindle and paperback.

This special edition of James Allen's classic should be in the library of every person who aspires to a life of success and happiness.

As a Man Thinks is a special edition of James Allen's classic work, As a Man Thinketh. In this book, you will learn how to use the power of thought to attract prosperity and happiness into your life. You'll discover that you are the creator of the conditions in your life, good and bad, and you can change those conditions by changing how you think. Authors Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale, and others were heavily influenced by James Allen's writings, and Inc. Magazine praised his book as "one of the top 10 motivational books of all time." Success coach Tony Robbins says it is his favorite book, and he has read it a dozen times.

This collector's edition was developed for a course at Virtual University taught by Richard De A'Morelli, a best-selling author/editor with deep experience in the self-help field. Most versions of Allen's book are cloned reprints of Allen's 1903 work, but this edition includes the full text of the book, updated and restyled for today's readers, plus helpful tutorials discussing key points in each chapter. A bonus chapter offers daily meditations from James Allen's popular book, Meditations for Every Day of the Year.

The wisdom of James Allen provides a foundation for living well and being happy in today's hectic world. Whether this is your first exposure to his writings or you are already a fan, this special edition is must reading. Also available in a collector's paperback edition—add it to your library and give as a gift to your friends who may benefit from this wonderful message of hope and empowerment.

Discover easy steps you can take to stay sane and positive in a crazy world, and learn how making simple changes in your daily routine can help you chart a path to happiness.

Change the way you think and you will change your life. Change the way you view the future, and you will become the architect of your destiny. This book examines powerful anecdotes from everyday people who have overcome difficult obstacles and setbacks, and who have gone on to live well and be happy. You'll read the author's own story of a descent into grief after his only son was killed and his struggle to recover. His story, just one of 28 short lessons in the book, offers hope to those who struggle with depression, self-doubt, and other negative conditions in their lives.

As you read through this book, you will learn that your happiness in life depends on the choices you make; on staying positive, and on never giving up your hopes and dreams. You'll discover natural ways to reduce stress, overcome depression, build confidence, and conquer unhealthy habits. You will also learn how to stay balanced and maintain your peace of mind using simple methods such as deep relaxation, visualization, rhythm breathing, and meditation.

You Can Change Your Life reminds us life is short, and we must make the most of the precious time we have. When you look back on your life, all that will matter is: Did you live well? Were you happy? Did you make others happy? Are you leaving the world a better place than it was when you came into it? How you answer those questions will be shaped by your thoughts and actions today and in the days to come.

If you have been looking for a book that will encourage you to change your life and give you a helping hand to take the first steps forward, this short course in modern living may be that inspiration. The book also makes a wonderful gift for someone in need of encouragement and a step-by-step approach to getting their life on a positive track.

Live well. Be happy. Everything else in your life will fall into place.

My Services

You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what's burning inside you, and we edit to let the fire show through the smoke.

Arthur Plotnik
Author, Editor & Publisher

Whether you intend to self-publish your book or submit it to an agent or publisher for consideration, a skilled editor will ensure that your manuscript is publication-ready and that it will make a favorable impression on your readers. An editor should not rewrite your work or change your voice or writing style; rather, he or she will focus on polishing grammar and flow, advising you of plot and character deficiencies, and correcting punctuation, spelling errors, and other typos. Your editor also should ensure that your manuscript adheres to modern style guidelines; typically, for fiction, Chicago Manual of Style.

As your editor, I will use my many years of hands-on experience to make your writing shine. I have worked as a senior editor, managing editor, writing instructor, and publishing consultant. I've published 25 books, including two Amazon Bestsellers on grammar and writing. To learn more about my credentials, please browse my resume.

Here's a quick look at the services I offer.


Proofreading involves a careful review of your manuscript to correct misspelled words, missing or double words, punctuation errors, and other typos. This step is essential before you submit your work to an agent or publisher, or before you self-publish your book for the world to read. I charge $7.00 per 1,000 words for cover-to-cover proofreading.

Copy Editing

Copy editing includes grammar corrections, light revisions to improve clarity and flow, and enforcing consistent style throughout, using your choice of Chicago Manual of Style or AP Style. I will perform two rounds of editing and a third pass to proofread, giving you a professionally edited and publication-ready manuscript. My copy editing fee is $11.00 per thousand words for books under 60,000 words and $10.00 for longer books.

Line Editing

Line editing is a more intensive form of copy editing. It focuses on improving grammar, style, structure, and word choice. It includes copy editing and proofreading, as described above. I will make at least three editing passes through your manuscript and one final pass to proofread. My fee for line editing starts at $15.00 per thousand words.

Publishing Services

I also offer production services to help indie publishers and self-published authors create professionally designed books. Setting up accounts, uploading files, reviewing, and approving proofs with various bookstores can be confusing and time-consuming. I'll handle the tedious details so that you can focus on the creative side of writing and publishing.

Book Formatting

I will convert your edited manuscript to standard file formats: MOBI (Amazon Kindle), PDF (Amazon paperback), EPUB (Barnes & Noble, iStore, Google Play, etc.), or Enhanced PDF (for Ingram, the leading, global distributor to bookstores and libraries). Rate depends on the length of your book and complexity of the layout. For a typical novel or other basic layout, I charge $1.00 per page. If you order more than one format (such as MOBI for Amazon e-books and PDF for paperbacks) on the same work order, you'll receive a 25% discount on your entire order.

Account Setup & Uploads

I will create an account for you on Amazon or any other online bookstore if you don't already have one, and I will upload your formatted book file and cover, oversee the review process, and advise you of any necessary revisions to meet the vendor’s specifications. My charge for managed uploads if $50 per edition for one vendor, such as Amazon.


If you have questions or need help with copyright filings, self-publishing, marketing, or related issues, I'm available as a consultant for a flat hourly rate. Let me put my many years of knowledge and experience in the writing and publishing fields to work for you! I charge $25.00 per half-hour. for most consulting requests.

My Recent Projects

Here are a few of the talented authors and great reads I have edited recently with feedback on my work from the authors. Click on a book cover to read a sample chapter of the published book on Amazon, and click on the authors' photos to explore other books they have written.

When I first published Apocalypse Orphan, the company took my money and ran. Then I met Richard and he did a chapter for me and sent it back for me to review. It was amazing, my story had a new ‘zing’ to it. It’s amazing what a wordsmith can do. I was hooked. He has shown me what the power of the right word can convey, how adding or removing the right word can elevate your story to a new height. I look at the corrections or suggestions he sends and all I can say to myself is WOW, that sounds so much better!   —Tim Allen

So very thankful for my editor, who I am pretty sure is the best there is, for his diligent work on Little Lost Girl and Eden’s Serum . Thank you, Richard De A’Morelli, you are a miracle worker!  —Angelique S. Anderson

You may have noticed that I commented under Richard's description of his services [on Facebook] that I am a happy client. I am happy to do more than comment. I am happy to be a referral for him and his excellent services I received when he edited my book, Foster Cat, Foster Kid: God Says You Don't Have to Eat Dirt Anymore! Although Richard said my book was well-written when I first submitted it to him, I was in serious need of his editing skills. I am absolutely convinced my book would not be what it is today if it weren't for his expertise. I am a first-time author, and it comforted me to have Richard by my side as we went through this journey together in polishing my book. I highly recommend Richard for any editing job you may need. His price was reasonable and he did far above and beyond for what I paid him, in my opinion. His coaching style suited me perfectly, and his knowledge of grammar and punctuation are second to none. To top it all off, Richard and I got along famously. He is a genuinely nice person who wants the best for you and your work. I feel so fortunate to have found him. —Katherine Jones

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